The Craigellachie Scottish Dance Band

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Oxford Connections

February 2013                                    To listen to an example click on the highlighted track

Ian, Judith and Micah, three members of the Craigellachie Band, in association with Mick and Trisha Rawlings, are proud to announce the release of their tenth recording - "Oxford Connections".

From an idea born several years ago, three members of the band have come together to record a CD which links directly with the band's long-standing connections with Oxford and the friends made over the years in particular Trisha and Mick.

This time the trio has experimented with the opportunities that muliti-tracking provides and is pleased to present this unique recording of their musical arrangements. Eight of the dances have original tunes composed by Ian. A book of dances accompanies the CD.

£12 – CD, £5 – Book of dances


Order form available for download - click here