The Craigellachie Scottish Dance Band

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Ian is a well respected composer of Scottish dance tunes in his own right and many of his compositions have been published and recorded. Other band members have contributed to the band’s repertoire of tunes and examples of tunes by Keith, Micah, Judith, John and Brenda can be found here.

You can download the sheet music  of some of these compositions below. The sheet music files are pdf files and may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat reader.




Ian Muir

Keith Anderson Two-Step

Take Your Seats

Gillian Collis’s Strathspey

See Bonus section

Carolines Birthday Bash

Mick and Trisha Rawlings of Middle Barton

The Middle-Barton Two-Step

Keith Anderson Two-step.mp3 Wembley's Gem.mp3 Carolines Birthday Bash.mp3 Mickand Trish.mp3 Middle Barton Two-Step.mp3