Dance Scottish at Home - Summer Celebration - Final Dance

Contained on this page are all of the materials that you will need to take part in Dance Scottish at Home - Summer Celebration Saturday Night Dance. Videos will be available from 6pm BST. They may be used to run your own virtual dance.

We hope that you enjoy taking part in this event.

Click on the dance title for the link.


RSCDS Summer Celebration

Dance Crib






Warm-Up Waltz


Jim Lindsay

Book 52

Hooper’s Jig

8 x 32 J


James Coutts

AGM Video (2019)

The Reel of the Royal Scots

8 x 32 R


Neil Copeland

Leaflet Dances Vol 2

City of Belfast

3 x 32 S

Bk 48

Susan MacFadyen

Book 48

The Laird of Milton’s Daughter

8 x 32 J

Bk 22

David Cunningham

Book 22

Flowers of Edinburgh

8 x 32 R

Bk 1

Bobby Crowe

Book 1

Sugar Candie

8 x 32 S

Bk 26

Alan Gardner

Book 26

The Duke of Atholl’s Reel

8 x 32 J

Bk 16

Bobby Crowe

Book 16

Shiftin’ Bobbins

8 x 32 R

30 PD Vol 2

Colin Dewar

30PD Vol 2 pt 2

The Minister on the Loch

3 x 32 S

30 PD Vol 2

Lyndsay Weir

30 PD Vol 2 pt 2

The Montgomeries Rant

8 x 32 R

Bk 10

David Cunningham

AGM Video (2015)

Auld Lang Syne & Polka

2 verses (Words provided)

Craigellachie Band plus friends